Rock Landing - Avril Lavigne

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Rock Landing Songs
Let Me Go - Decode - Broken Bells - Cochise - Fire for You - Demon Fire - All Night Long ("I loved you at 10 pm. And left at 10 am.") - Strange Days - Songs Out Loud

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    • Let Me Go
    • Demon Fire
    • Decode
    • Cochise
    • Fire for You
    • Songs Out Loud

  • Rock Landing Portfolio
    • Rock Landing
      • Let Me Go, Demon Fire, Decode, Cochise, Fire for You, Songs Out Loud
        • Avril Lavigne, Angus Young, Hayley Williams, Michelle Joy...
    • Gold Rock
      • Who Wants To Live Forever, Not My Problem, Flames, More Than A Feeling, Save Me, Scarlet Cross
        • Craig Mabbitt, Brad Delp, Neal Middleton...
    • Platinum Pop and Rock
      • Complicated, Stars, Anything But Ordinary, What The Hell, Nobody's Home, Smile, Perfect Strangers
        • Avril Lavigne, James Andrew Michael...
    • New Rock
      • All Time Low, Talk to a friend, Quiet Now, Let's Get High, Mindreader, These Days, Little Bastards
        • Alex Gaskarth, Scooter Ward, Michael Starr, Johnny Stevens...
The Rock of Water - "Have you felt heaven open? I just felt heaven open."

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